YOU – one year on the road



We planned to travel to New Zealand for so long. Tin arrived, and bought a car. Arianes scheduled flight was Brazil – Chile – New Zealand. Airport Santiago de Chile, September 7th, 8:34pm an official approaches Ariane, she got refused to enter New Zealand. And our story began.



To travel long and far is the dream of many people, adventurers and globetrotters. But as so often there are many things you have to think about, organize and also not prepare for. This book displays our extraordinary journey through one of the wildest and biggest continents in the world: South America. If you will believe it or not the costliest travel expanses were a corrupt police officer, a broken spare part of our truck and a crashed drone. These are all things which expand your budget unwillingly. To separate you from the travelers which have everything exactly planned and also from them which have to finish their trip earlier, because they forgot essentials, we have developed a way how to get properly lost. Follow us through the deepest jungle, the highest peaks in the Andean mountain-range and over 50.000 km of roadway. To see how many advantages a life on wheels really has you have to discover it firsthand. Without further do lets dive into a diary of self-discovery, grace and millions of impressions.

Ariane & Tin